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Church 90th Anniversary Service - postponed from Sunday 19th April

Due to the coronavirus pandemic this very special occasion in the life of our Church was postponed. In the meantime, Pat, our President, and the Committee issued the following Anniversary message to all our members and friends:

Following the closure of our Church until further notice we wanted to link with you all and hope that you are keeping well and safe and that the beliefs which we hold dear are strengthening and sustaining you through the difficult times we are all going through.
This Sunday, 19th April, would have been such a special occasion as we celebrated the 90th Anniversary of the founding of the Church in 1930, with David Bruton, President of the Spiritualists’ National Union, taking our service.  We will still do this in the future when possible but in the meantime we can still celebrate by linking into our Church on Sunday at 6.30 pm to thank all the workers over 90 years who made it possible for us to worship together now in our own Church in freedom and truth on our eternal path of spiritual progression.
Our Church healing mediums are linking into the Church on Tuesdays at 7.30pm and Thursdays at 2.30pm (when our healing sessions would normally take place) to send healing and peace to all in need and to our world.  Please join in with us in thought both to receive and send out spiritual healing.
You can also access without charge the SNU International website to join in their Sunday service and other events –
Please know that we keep you all close in heart, mind and spirit until we meet again in our lovely Church, and may each one of us play our part in bringing God’s kingdom of love on earth as it is in heaven.  God bless you all and your loved ones. 


Thursday 16th July at 7.45pm

Spirit in my Life - with Larry Featherstone

Members - £2.50, Non-members - £3.00

Saturday 18th July at 7.30pm

Saturday Demonstration of Mediumship with Jeff Phillips

Members - £2.50, Non-members - £3.00

Thursday 20th August at 7.45pm

An Evening with Paul the Druid

Members - £2.50, Non-members - £3.00

Thursday 24th September at 7.45pm

An Evening with Kerry Groom

More details later

Members - £2.50, Non-members - £3.00

Thursday 15th October at 7.45pm

An Evening with Paul Mortiboy on the Gifted Medium Leslie Flint

Members - £2.50, Non-members - £3.00


Saturday 24th October at 7.45pm

Saturday Demonstration of Mediumship with Pammi Passotti

Members - £2.50, Non-members - £3.00

Thursday 19th November at 7.45pm

The Power and Effect of Colour with Elaine Edwards and Bridget Ambrose
Members - £2.50, Non-members - £3.00